Episode F: Fettuccini Alfredo, Florence Foster Jenkins, and FOMO

Cooking Corner: Fettuccini alfredo is named in honour of Alfredo di Lelio, and there are two restaurants in Rome that compete over which is the more authentic fettuccini. Traditionally, it consists of fettuccini noodles, butter, and fresh parmesan. I tried a variation with feta cheese, just because. Woman of the Week: Florence Foster Jenkins was […]

Episode B: Brontes, Bipolar disorder, and beet borscht

STOMP YOUR FEET LIKE A BRONTESAURUS we’re highlighting the lives of the Bronte sisters for the Woman of the Week segment. And then we talk about bipolar disorder for a Mental Health Moment. Bees? Biological warfare, bubonic plague, botulism. And then the Cooking Corner, with beet borscht! Beets that stained my hands red, so naturally […]

Episode A: Anna Arnold Hedgeman, Amish Apple Dessert, & Anxiety

I start off this episode with a discussion of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) and the legitimacy of the word ain’t. Do white people appropriate AAVE? Let’s talk about cultural appropriation… in the comments section? Be respectful, people. The WOMAN OF THE WEEK for A is Anna Arnold Hedgeman (1899-1990), educator, author, activist. She helped […]