Episode E: Elizabeth Arden, Eating Disorders, and Eggs!

The Woman of the Week: Elizabeth Arden is a cosmetics empire started by a Canadian woman, Florence Nightingale Graham. The name Elizabeth Arden came from a failed business partnership with Elizabeth Hubbard. They had already enscribed Elizabeth in gold letters on the door, so Florence Nightingale Graham added “Arden” and started building her empire. The major contribution of Elizabeth Arden was changing the face of cosmetics. Prior to this time, cosmetics were associated with lower classes, actresses, and prostitutes. Elizabeth Arden elevated cosmetics to something necessary for every respectable woman. Thanks a lot, Elizabeth Arden.

Discussing the pressures put on females by societal expectations of beauty leads nicely to the Mental Health Moment of the week: Eating Disorders!

Cooking Corner was about the magical eggs. Here’s the Globe and Mail article that I mentioned.

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