Episode A: Anna Arnold Hedgeman, Amish Apple Dessert, & Anxiety

I start off this episode with a discussion of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) and the legitimacy of the word ain’t. Do white people appropriate AAVE? Let’s talk about cultural appropriation… in the comments section? Be respectful, people.

The WOMAN OF THE WEEK for A is Anna Arnold Hedgeman (1899-1990), educator, author, activist. She helped organize the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, which you may know as where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

Anna Arnold Hedgeman talking with Martin Luther King Jr
Anna Arnold Hedgeman talking with Martin Luther King Jr

The Cooking Corner for this week was an Amish Apple Dessert, which turned out amazing. But how much can you trust the authenticity of an Amish recipe that’s published online? And then I dove into an anthropological survey of the Amish. The Amish are well liked by people, except for when they’re not. (The link is to a wikipedia article about a school shooting at an Amish school. Reading it caused me to cry and ask the universe why, so proceed with caution).

And then the Mental Health Moment! About anxiety.

Bonus: fun facts from astrobiology about asteroids, Earth’s atmosphere, and the existence of aliens. Does thinking about the vastness of space and the insignificance of our tiny lives improve or worsen your anxiety?

Pay no attention to what I say I’ll talk about next week, it’s mostly errant lies.

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