Episode C: Cindy Lee, Counselling, & Cauliflower-corn-cranberry casserole

Woman of the Week: Cindy Lee, founder and CEO of T&T Supermarkets. Her father fled revolutionary China for Taiwan. Cindy left Taiwan for Canada, where she worked for $5/ hour as a bookeeper. T&T was started in 1993 after Cindy Lee decided to combine the staples of Chinatown shopping with the model of American supermarkets. This innovation was super effective!

Cooking Corner: Cauliflower Corn Cranberry casserole, a recipe of my own invention (cribbed heavily from a potato salad recipe that my mom adapted from a recipe, etc etc nothing is new). Cauliflowers have many health benefits! Cauliflower protects against prostate cancer. Cranberries protect against breast cancer. Cranberries turn red by the same process that maple leaves turn red. This episode was around the time of Canadian Thanksgiving/ Columbus Day in the states.

Mental Health Moment: Counselling. You should do it. Let’s normalize taking care of our mental health. Here’s a list of cognitive distortions that you might recognize from your own thinking patterns. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is used to help many people with anxiety and depression, but there’s a good chance that the brain challenges could benefit you. I push CBT because I’ve found that it helps me, but there are many forms of counselling, and I encourage you to find a counselor that suits your style.


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